@Saunders Park in Columbus, OH.  Mulching the playground.
@Saunders Park in Columbus, OH. Mulching the playground.


Positive Transitioning, Inc. will operate by the volunteer services of individuals with in the community that have the desire to assist those making the transition from the prison back into the community. Volunteers can help in any area of the transition process. This may include tutoring for those involved in the education program, or volunteers in employment training programs. Volunteers will also help to manage the call volume of the Resource/listening hotline to ensure that there is always appropriate coverage on the hotline to make certain that we are providing the best service possible. Volunteering for Positive Transitioning will provide the opportunity to help someone that does not have anything to give you in return.

Want to volunteer with Positive Transitioning?  Complete the attached form and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.  Thank you for your support

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