The Transitioning to Doula Project


The United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world1.  Additionally, across the US infant mortality is at an alarming rate, and is especially high in Cleveland, with the majority of infant deaths related to prematurity2.  By providing DOULA’s to the community, we can uplift birthing individuals and provide them with much needed support to carry their babies to term.

What is a Doula??

A doula, or birth support person, is a trained non-medical professional who supports a birthing individual through childbirth, miscarriage, induced abortion or stillbirth.  A doula may also provide support to the partner, family and friends through the birthing process. Doula’s are a vital component for reducing motherhood and infant mortality by providing compassionate and culturally competent care. 


We started our Doula program because they are a growing profession.  We are training our returning citizens so they can begin their own Doula business or join our Co-op which provides a steady income to the returning citizen.  With our program we will save three lives at once:  the Mother, the Infant, and the Doula.


  • Non violent offender
  • In the community at least 6 months after incarceration
  • 6 months of sobriety
  • Submit to Background and Mental health screening
  • High School Diploma/GED

We are currently accepting applications in the Greater Cleveland area.  If you currently meet all these requirements please complete an application here.

Support Saving Three Lives

If you would like to support this program by providing doula training, entrepreneurship classes and administrative support donate here.



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