Housing Assistance



To obtain and achieve a positive lifestyle it is essential to have a safe and clean place to call your home. We are striving to assist our clients with this resource by partnering with local and national agencies to achieve this goal. We look forward to assisting clients with temporary housing that will lead to permanent stability.  The first step will be placement through shelter and/or properties that have been provided to us through partnerships.  We are also working towards obtaining properties that will serve as 30, 60, or 90 day placement, Lion’s Den for men and Lioness den for women, while helping our clients search and obtain a permanent home. We will also have a special center for person(s) and/or families that are trying to get away from domestic violence in their home.

While we are currently working on partnerships that will provided us with properties that may need a little Love and attention, these will be our goal homes so that not only can we provide a place of residence but we will also be able to provide training for different trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electricians, etc. By doing the work with our clients this will also provide our clients a chance to learn how to maintain their property and possibly lead to home ownership and as well as a job opportunity.

We are also an outreach program that may be able to assist with finding financial assistance with evictions and possible foreclosures by networking and outreaching with local agencies.

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