Crisis Hotline


Crisis Line

The main responsibility of a telephone crisis hotline is the prevention and de-escalation of a crisis. Hotlines usually focus their services on suicide prevention or preventing a person from harming someone else. Similarly, our main focuses are to prevent a relapse of criminal (pedophilic) behavioral or harm to self due to depressive symptomology or urges. This hotline is specifically geared towards helping individuals (transitioning or not) who experience pedophilic urges refrain from this behavior. The crisis hotline will have resources for individuals that may need outpatient services (if able to wait), or hospitalization to stabilize thinking or behavior in overwhelming situations. For example, an individual may call in, their environment has triggered them and they are experiencing severe urges that they are unable to minimize or cope with. The hotline counselors will use a plethora of therapeutic interventions to best assist the client in working through their crisis. As stated, referrals for clients to outside organizations, such as hospitals or mental health clinics, for ongoing mental health treatment or services will be available. If a situation sounds truly dangerous, first-responders will be notified.